Pow’r Trak WAS BORN

We built our first machine in January of 1995 and it took us 6 years before we felt the machine was ready for production. In 2003, when we were satisfied with the operation of the machine, it was sent to Flory Industries for manufacturing. The Original Walter’s Shredder became Flory’s Pow’r Trak we know today.

Pow’r Trak History

In 1995, we began building the prototype shredder and in February of 1996 we put the prototype to the test. This machine had tractor tires we soon found that this was not the best option for our shredder. We needed something that would allow us to operate in adverse weather conditions and would make quicker turns in the field. So, some changes needed to happen

In 1997,  we began acquiring parts to build another shredder, but unlike the first this one would be on a track foundation. The following fall we tested both machines and found that using tracks instead of tires allowed the machine more maneuverability in adverse conditions and we knew we were on to something.
Of course, we had some setbacks, but the demand was there so we continued forward with the design.

Spring of 2000, we began building our third machine. At this point, we had 5 years under our belts with building, testing, and adjusting our first 2
machines we had a better idea of what was and was not working. Considering the problems we had with the track carriage manufacturers, we built the track carriage and remainder of the machine using field tested design and proven methods.

During the next 3 years we ran our farm built track machines across 10,000 acres of almonds, walnuts and pistachios each year. It was at this point we knew we had developed a good machine and were confident that it was something that needed to be on the market. In 2003, it was sent to Flory Industries for manufacturing.